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What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

What Are You Doing New Years’ Eve?

2020, a year for the history books.

What didn’t happen in this calendar year that one would want to forget? From a possible war between our nation and yet another Middle Eastern nation, the untimely passing of a pro sports legend, COVID-19, civil unrest in damn near every major American city and a presidential election that made yours truly lose what little head hair I have left. Not to mention a few personal losses, including that of my uncle, Derek Young, to this dreaded virus. 

But it’s almost over and good riddance!

Nonetheless, history has proven that from tragedy triumph can emerge. During the middle of this year, I was fortunate to rebuild this brand, RP Bespoke, with a wonderful team of folks who have vision and come from different walks of life. Our co-founder and creative director, Jafar Woods, brought a nascent energy and spark to a brand that initially focused solely on tailored clothing. When Jafar and I would have our Zoom meetings in the summer, he’d emphasize our necessity to build a lifestyle brand that could be the living embodiment of GQ magazine. Why shouldn’t we discuss epicure, travel and music atop fashion? We’re multifaceted individuals and our clients should be privy to our insights on all of life’s finer things. 

So, what’re you doing New Year’s Eve? May I make a suggestion? Should you decide to safely raise a glass of something cheerful in the comfort of your home on the last evening of this year, reflect on the victories, the folks you connected or re-connected with...hell, reflect on those you may have lost and the fond memories you have of them. Our team has a number of wonderful things planned for the coming year including a showroom, new partnerships with local craftspeople, digital fashion shows and this wonderful newsletter which each of us will contribute to on a monthly basis. 

Although the change in the calendar year won’t magically restore our world back to “normal”, it does give us hope for the future. I speak for my team when I say we are elated to connect with you all safely when it’s appropriate and hope that you have a holiday season full of merriment in spite of the adversities we’ve experienced. Here’s to you, our friend & client!